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10 November 2010 @ 10:08 am
UBCon 22 planning meeting minutes - October 30, 2010  
Notes taken by Mark Knapik; copied and pasted here by thegamemistress

October 30th Meeting Minutes

MiniCon Wrap-Up
1. 270+ people on record. More people showed up who didn't sign up. Estimate is 300+
2. 281 raised for charity
3. 500 banked for the club
4. 3 vendors
5. hackerspace and planetrade, and beyond ghosts had booths
6. Next Year's Theme - 'False Advertising'

1. Website - Final Touches This Week

2. Con Flier copies are available at the SARPA Office.

3. EDFs are available at the SARPA Office.

Current Con Stats:
17 Events have been submitted so far.
4 guests are confirmed as interested, and waiting for contracts.
49 vendors are interested.

General SARPA
1. Fund Raiser with Anime Nov. 13th @ Fish bowl (Dance party)
"It's a Fund RAVE-er"

2. We won Spirit Week!