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28 September 2011 @ 06:37 pm
UBSARPA newsletter - September 28, 2011  
Originally posted to the UB SARPA listserv by Max Spokony, Secretary of SARPA 2011-2012; reposted here by thegamemistress.

Any concerns about the newsletter should be directed to Max Spokony.

Gentlemen, sorry to pop into your in-boxes unannounced, but now that you've already opened this, you might as well read it.

The date and time of the General Meeting has changed! Instead of Wednesday, general meetings will now be on Thursday, after 5 PM, likely closer to 5:30/6-ish. Some of you voted in the poll, and everyone else will just have to live with what they voted for.

This Saturday Dagorhir will be in Kiva (in Baldy Hall) from 11 AM until 5 PM, Dagorhir will be demostrating/showing both how to make boffer weapons, and how to fight with boffer weapons. (Boffer weapons are weapons made of foam and other soft, materials.)

We will be holding Friday Night Gaming/club social/thingy on Friday, October 7. You should go and play some games, or watch whatever Anime club is showing, or interact with one of the other attending clubs.

Saturday, October 8 is Rudicon in Rochester

We will be holding a Zombie Walk for charity on Friday, October 28. In exchange for a donation, someone with make-up will help you look more zombie-like.

Would you like to run an event at Mini-Con (Nov. 5-6)? If so, it's still not too late to submit your event.

You should all attend this week's general meeting.
Max Spokony, Secretary of SARPA