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05 October 2011 @ 10:26 am
UBSARPA newsletter - October 4, 2011  
Originally posted to the UB SARPA mailing list by Max Spokony, Secretary of SARPA 2011-2012. Reposted here for those who aren't on the mailing list by thegamemistress.

Any questions about the newsletter should be directed to Max Spokony.

"Yes, this is the weekly SARPA newsletter.

This Friday evening, October 7th, in Student Union room 145, we will be holding Friday Night Gaming/social mixer/multi-club soiree. There will be games, and other clubs will bring their stuff. For example, Anime club will be showing some sort of animated cartoon show/movie. There will be several clubs in attendance, all hanging out/playing games/attempting to make you join their club.

The weekly SARPA general meeting will be held on Thursdays from now on, in case you missed the announcement on the Facebook or in the previous newsletter. The meeting will be held after 5 PM, likely closer to 6 PM. Attendance is highly encouraged.

To clarify any confusion I may have accidentaly caused with the last newsletter, the Zombie Walk for charity (Brain Cancer) will be held on October 21. The meeting place is still the Student Union. Make-up will be available for a small donation, as well as commemorative dice.

For those unaware, there is a poll on the Facebook about inviting Dagorhir back again sometime in the future. For those wondering just what the heck a Dagorhir is, allow me to put an end to your wondering. It's hitting people with pieces of foam shaped like weapons. It is cleverly disguised, well made foam in the shape of weapons being used to hit other people, also wielding weapon-shaped foam. Let me assure you all that it is quite fun. But if for some reason my word isn't good enough for you, just stop by Open Gaming, which is every Saturday from 11-ish until very late in the evening. There are usually at least a few foam weapons about.

Mini-Con is still scheduled for November 5-6. If you would like to run an event it is still not too late to sign up for one. Don't forget to visit the website at minicon.ubsarpa.com for more information about Mini-Con.

You should all celebrate Garbanzo Bean Day this Friday,
Max Spokony, Secretary of SARPA"