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22 September 2011 @ 08:54 am
UBSARPA newsletter - September 21, 2011  
Originally posted on the UB-SARPA mailing list by Max Spokony, UB-SARPA secretary 2011-2012; reposted here for those who aren't on the list by thegamemistress.

"Greetings and salutations,

You are currently reading the latest SARPA newsletter. Honestly, I was unimpressed by the overall lack-luster performance over spirit week. It seems like you've all given up the ghost, or at the very least could use some spit-shine.

Saturday, October 1 Dagorhir will be in Kiva (the big circular room in Baldy hall) during Open Gaming. Dagorhir will be making/showing how to make/showing how to use boffer weapons (fake padded weapons, such as swords, axes, maces, etc...).

This Saturday, September 24 at Open Gaming (12ish untill whenever you go home) there will be a large amount of pirate/ninja themed games. We will be selling stuff and junk, including food-stuffs and card-junks. Also, Anime club will be showing Archer Season 2 and Sci-Fi club will be running a Star Trek marathon.

We will be holding a Zombie walk for charity on October 21. For a small donation, you will be given zombie makeup, so you don't need to bring your game face.

If you would like to run an event at Mini-Con (November 5-6) let us know by stopping by the office, sending an e-mail, going to the Mini-Con website (http://minicon.ubcon.org/), or saying so on the Mini-Con facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=146358228768274). Volunteers are greatly desired.

On Friday, Oct. 7 we will be holding another Open Gaming/Club Mixer/Socializing event. SARPA will be bringing games, Anime club will be showing anime, and many other clubs including but not limited to Comic Book club and Pokemon club will be there. This will be in the Student Union in room 145 (next to the ATMs on the way to Knox).

You should all something something,

Max Spokony, Secretary of SARPA"